Ireland’s only dedicated THM and THMfp Laboratory

Chemilab operates the only dedicated laboratory in Ireland for Trihalomethane (THM) and Trihalomethane formation potential (THMfp) analysis. THMs are chemicals that can be present in chlorine-treated water. They are formed when chlorine reacts with organic matter, such as fulvic or humic acids, during the disinfection process of surface water used for drinking.

The European Union Drinking Water Regulations 2023 specify a legal limit of <= 100 ug/l for THMs in drinking water. The concentration of THMs in water varies based on the organic content in the source water, the amount of chlorine required for treatment, and the water temperature during treatment.

Chemilab’s dedicated laboratory is equipped to directly test the four key parameters in THM analysis. We utilize this unique facility to test raw water samples and filtered treated water samples to determine their THM Formation Potential. The test is conducted with a maximized disinfection dose and incubated for 72 hours to simulate the life cycle and environmental conditions in the water supply network.

In addition to THM analysis, we offer supplementary tests such as Conductivity, pH, UV Transmittance, Alkalinity, TOC, DOC, Turbidity, and Hardness to provide comprehensive information about the water samples.

Our services extend beyond THM analysis and THMfp testing. We also specialize in Bench Top Jar Testing, Flocculation & Coagulation Studies, and water treatment process optimization.

At Chemilab, we are committed to providing high-quality and specialized services to ensure the safety and compliance of drinking water in Ireland.


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Our Products

Chemifloc offers an extensive range of chemical products in the following categories:


Our chemicals are added to water to form aluminium or iron precipitates. These absorb impurities in the water as they form, functioning to clean the water supply of contaminants.

Potable (Drinking)
Water Polyelectrolytes

Potable polyelectrolytes are chemical flocculants used in the conditioning/ thickening of the sludge line in potable drinking water treatment. They help floc formation and removal.


Polyelectrolytes are chemical flocculants used in the conditioning/ thickening of the sludge line in wastewater treatment.


Chemifloc provide a wide range of general chemical products, including aluminium sulphate, ferric sulphate, sodium hypochlorite and fluoride.

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