Chemifloc Group: Investment in Foynes Port Continues to Pay Off

We are delighted to share that our multi-million investment in the Foynes location continues to pay off! As the Chemifloc Group, Ireland’s leading importer and distributor of chemicals, we have established ourselves as the foremost provider of a wide range of chemical solutions in the country. With our subsidiary, GI Chemicals, we are proud to serve our valued customers with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Strategic Location at Foynes Port

Our strategic base within Foynes Port has been instrumental in our success. Located on the Shannon Estuary, Foynes Port offers excellent advantages for our operations. Its strategic positioning grants us access to major shipping routes and a deep-water harbour, ensuring smooth import and export processes for our chemical products. Thanks to our close proximity to our global suppliers and excellent transportation links, we can seamlessly receive shipments and efficiently distribute them to our customers across Ireland.

The Chemifloc Group and GI Chemicals facility at Foynes Port and Shannon

Efficient Logistics and Supply Chain

Our investment in the Foynes location has allowed us to optimise our logistics and supply chain, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. Foynes Port’s modern facilities, advanced infrastructure, and well-developed transport links enable streamlined cargo handling and reduced turnaround times. This efficiency translates into reliable and prompt delivery of chemicals, enabling us to meet the demands of various industries without compromising on quality.

Large Storage Capacity at Foynes

Our substantial investment in storage capacity at the Foynes facility has further solidified our commitment to ensuring a secure supply chain. We have created an extensive storage infrastructure, enabling us to stockpile a diverse range of chemicals. This inventory allows us to accommodate fluctuations in demand, maintain uninterrupted supply chains, and meet the unique needs of our customers. The result is a robust and reliable supply of high-quality chemicals.

The Chemifloc Group’s multi-million investment in the Foynes location has proven to be a resounding success. We are delighted to witness the positive impact it has had on our operations, enabling us to provide unparalleled service and support to our valued customers. As we continue to grow and thrive, we remain committed to delivering excellence in chemical supply throughout Ireland and beyond.

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