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To comply with the REACH regulation which came into effect on June 1, 2007, Chemifloc Ltd has taken the necessary steps with respect to the required registration of substances.

We are informing you that all substances manufactured by Chemifloc Ltd have been pre-registered for REACH. Pre-registration is required by December 1st, 2008. Preregistration is required for the manufacturers of substances only. All of our suppliers have confirmed their intentions to pre-register or have already pre-registered the substances that they supply to us or to ensure that their upstream suppliers will do so. In the unlikely event that Chemifloc Ltd becomes aware of a substance that is not going to be pre-registered, we will source a suitable alternative substance or supplier. This means that after that date our customers will be able to continue using our products.

Chemifloc Ltd does not supply any substance containing certain Substances of Very High Concern which are identified and sold under their chemical names or a recognized trade name. We have also checked the REACH status of containers and packaging we import and use; all are articles that are not intended to release substances and do not contain appreciable quantities of Substances of Very High Concern.

Pre-registration numbers will not be revealed by us following the recommendation of CEFIC. All customers will receive a written statement confirming the pre-registration of the substances in our products.

To our customers

Chemifloc Ltd is now working on the registration of these substances, which registration has to be submitted to the European Chemicals Agency by November 30, 2010 at the latest. In view of this we like to confirm that Chemifloc Ltd will take the initiative to contact you well in advance of this date to obtain information about the use and exposure scenarios of our products in your processes. We expect to come back to you with a list of use categories into which you can classify your use. In due course we will advise you of the uses we will be registering. Please note that we will not be liable if we do not register all your uses unless explicitly confirmed by us in writing.

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Reach Compliance Letter (24.3kb)

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