Chemical Manufacturers & Distributors

Customer Care

Chemifloc values all its customers. We aim to provide a prompt and efficient delivery service with all bulk coagulants being delivered only in high quality dedicated tankers. All orders are processed daily, providing the relevant documentation such as certificates of analysis as required by the customer, certified weighbridge dockets along with the delivery docket. Trained personnel are always on hand to quickly address any difficulty or enquiry a customer may have.

Research & Development

The company has developed strong relationships with its customers over the years and many technical innovations have been possible through closely matching customer needs with research capabilities.

In line with a company objective, we endeavour to keep at the leading edge of water treatment technology and serve our customers with the latest innovations in flocculant technology and solids handling. The company has recently opened a state of the art laboratory, which will enable us to serve our customers into the twenty first century.


The implementation of a total quality management system ensures that quality procedures are carried out throughout the production process to ensure traceability. All monitoring and analytical checks are carried out on site, by our own highly trained technicians and quality engineers. Procedures and test-work are all documented daily and certificates of analysis are available to all our customers for every product produced and imported.


Manufacturing is carried out at our premises in Shannon under the supervision of a highly experienced team. The manufacturing process operates under the strict conditions of the integrated pollution control license issued by the EPA. Quality Control has been achieved through the best use of technology, raw materials and the procedures put in place.